My Latest Project: Plus Two Tuesdays

Here is my latest project/social experiment. Let me know what you think! I plan to launch early next month.

Meeting friends for happy hour is fun. Making new friends over happy hour is amazing. Welcome to Plus Two Tuesdays. Here is how it works:

Each person attending the event must invite two guests who’d enjoy being a part of a cool, casual community of interesting people and ideas. It’s that simple.

To sweeten the deal, our partner bar, The Dove Parlour, agrees to donate 20% of the night’s proceeds to charity:water.

What do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in? Have you seen this done anywhere else? Looking forward to your feedback!


An Ode To A “Failure”

So you failed on your first attempt. Big whoop. We all fail. That’s the risk (and reward) of acting on an idea rather than just sitting on it. The cool thing is you learned from your experience. Now it is time to apply what you learned. If you act on¬†your learnings, your failures didn’t die in vain. You are starting your journey, not ending it.

Rock on!

I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison

I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas Edison













*** Inspired by a comment I left on a close friend’s Facebook status. Thank you for the blog post inspiration. ūüôā ***


What If… An A-TEAM For Social Good

It is funny when #GOOD ideas come to you. ¬†As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I had an idea: what if I created an “A-TEAM” for social good. ¬†As you all (hopefully) know, The A-TEAM was a popular 80’s TV show about an ex US Army Special Forces unit who used their specialized skills and creativity to help people in need. ¬†This usually included lots of explosives and no one getting hurt.

What if we did the same thing, but without the explosives?  What if there was an elite A-TEAM of social do-gooders who used their diverse skills to help local and global communities?  What if WE (the people reading this) were the first ones to do this?

So what would this look like?

The folks on the A-TEAM had different skills. ¬†The Do-gooder A-TEAM would do the same. ¬†Each team would be 5-7 people strong and include people with various skills. There could be fundraisers, construction experts, communication strategists, graphic designers, writers, financial analysts, techies, teachers, linguists, doctors, filmmakers, moms, etc. ¬†The teams would be “deployed” to a particular cause or activity. ¬†The mission would be filmed and shared on the social web.

Where would the A-TEAM be deployed? 

Teams could be deployed locally and internationally.  It could be as simple as a volunteer weekend in the city, or as complex as a volunteer trip out of the country.  Voluntourists travel around the world and soak up local culture by working with locals to better communities in need.  Depending on your interests you could monitor wildlife in the Amazon, teach Thai children English, or take care of orphans in Haiti.

The teams’ mission would start at home, where they would have to spread the word, fundraise and prepare for the trip. ¬†Then once they are deployed, they will be able to use their diverse skills to make as big of impact on the community as possible.

This is an evolving idea, and far from fully-baked. ¬†That’s why I shared it with you. ¬†PLEASE share your thoughts and suggestions, and maybe together we can create our A-TEAM.

* For those of you not blessed with ever watching the A-TEAM, enlighten yourselves here.

What Collard Greens Taught Me About Humanity

It’s hard to believe Harlem is in Manhattan, yet there’s something about Harlem that I love. It is so raw. Gritty. And real. Maybe it reminds me more of home… Or maybe it was the collard greens I bought off the street this afternoon.

I was walking across 139th street today and came across this family BBQ’ing ribs on a street corner and selling it to people in the neighborhood. It was surreal. They were BBQ’ing under NYC scaffolding! Under scaffolding! On the street! In Manhattan!!!

At anyrate, I quickly started a conversation and made a b-line to the collards. It ended up the cook was from Hollywood, SC. I know folks from down there, so we started exchanging family names and seeing if I knew any of their kin. I didn’t, although I’m sure I know someone if we talked long enough. It was a nice (and short) moment. Two people having two very different NYC experiences sharing stories and commonalities all because of food. It all goes with my theory that the most beautiful thing about food is not the flavor or taste, but the ability it has to bring people together. Good food has no borders. Good food doesn’t care if you are black or white. It doesn’t care if you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddist, Hindu or agnostic. It doesn’t care if you are gay or straight. It doesn’t judge. It is just there to make you feel good. Give you strength. And bring people together. I love that, and I am pretty sure we could all learn from that as well.

As for the food… I’m definitely planning on going back. The collards were good, but they are also super authentic aka “fat back” seasoning. While I am authentically southern, I tend to prefer no fat in my collards. Next time I am having the ribs, and mac-n-cheese. When I do, I’ll try to sneak a pic. I didn’t feel comfortable taking pics today. I wanted them to know I took the food, and our moments we shared seriously. I didn’t want them thinking I saw them as a tourist attraction.

Cheers and bon appetit!


A Few Brief Thoughts About “Digital” VS. “Traditional”


I think we need to be careful separating “traditional” planning and “digital” planning. Planning in its purest essence is not about technology, it is about human truths. These truths are media/technology neutral. Technology changes, but why we use these technologies don’t.

Right now “digital” is still hot, because there is still a pretty substancial lack of knowledge about social and online in the big ad agencies. Eventually, these gaps will close up, and clients will no longer have a need to go with two separate agencies for their creative campaigns. We probably have a good 2-4 years until this gap closes, but there is already talk in some of the industry pubs of the inevitable. Infact, check this article out from this week’s AdWeek. It is reporting on a hunch I’ve had for seven months now…

What do you think?